Touch Sensor IC - High Sensitivity

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  - SOP-28L
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  General Description

The eKT2101 is low-cost single chip solution for capacitive touchpad. It is 8-bit RISC architecture microcontroller devices with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI-Slave), I2C-slave (Normal Mode).
For function application, the Ekt2101 support Button information for customers. In operation mode, Ekt2101 can support Protocol and I/O mode for customer. Developer can use I/O mode to get a valid button message and develop their system very easily, and no longer need to decode the communication package.
The capacitive touchpad sensor is covered with a plastic or glass case. It provides auto-calibrate the parameter for a wide range of capacitance on the touchpad sensor (5pF~35pF). The system controller converts finger data to button presses, depending on finger location and human interface context.
The Ekt2101 supports multi-package for various application. Package types are QFP(32 pin) and SOP(28/24/16 pin).

  • Operating voltage : 3V~5.5V, Ripple < 300mVpp
  • Power-on reset time : Stable time for operating <350ms, the touchpad will send “Packet Hello” after initialization
  • Interface features : Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI Slave) and I2C-slave (Normal Mode)
  • Operating mode: (@ 5V)
Mode Description Current
Normal 1. Finger on touchpad
2. Higher scan rate
<4.2 mA
Idle 1. Finger leaves touchpad
2. Lower scan rate
<150 mA
Sleep No scanning <2 mA
  • Useful information

Key buttons information can be acquired through I/O transition or protocol decode.

  • Sensitivity: sensitivity can be adjusted from 00H to 0FH for different thickness of the plastic or glass cover. The default label is “07H”.
  • Package type:

32-pin QFN 5x5 : eKT2101QN32J

28-pin SOP 300mil : eKT2101SO28J

24-pin SOP 300mil : eKT2101SO24J

16-pin SOP 150mil : eKT2101SO16AJ