Green Product  
For a product to be categorized as "Green Product," it must meet the criteria of being recyclable, non-pollutant, and low power consumption through out its life cycle (i.e., from its origin as raw material, to production, marketing, usage, and as a spent item).

ELAN's "Green Product" includes the in-house products and the following outsource parts: 1) assemblies, 2) attachments, 3) accessories, and 4) material. ELAN ensures that all components used in manufacturing and repair processes meet the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directives.

Elan's support for "Green Revolution" is reflected in its green products.

In September 2009, ELAN was certified to be in compliance with SONY GP and in September 2011, ELAN was again re-certified to have met the revised SONY GP standard.