Annual salary adjustments based on work performance and aptitude
Performance bonus when sales revenue target is met
R&D bonus based on proportion of the accomplished annual R&D target
Patent bonus to encourage innovative research and creativity
Profit sharing through allocation of company stocks

All employees are automatically insured with Bureau of Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance in accordance with the Labor Law. In addition, the company provides free group insurance to employees and their immediate family. The group insurance covers injury, medical treatment from injury, hospitalization, surgery, and cancer treatment.
In case of emergency (such as accidents or natural disasters, etc.), the company has a contingency procedure to assist employees or immediate family of their needs to provide comfort from the tragedy.
Regular physical examination is provided to all employees by medical team from local reputable hospital. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Hsinchu Hotline Association, ELAN has established an Employee Assistant Project (EAP) to provide professional counseling to employees on psychological, legal, and personal finance matters.
Employees enjoy special discounts for their daily needs from designated outlets (department stores, restaurants, hotels, amusements parks, medical clinics, insurance companies, etc) as arranged by the company.
Cash gifts for marriages and birth of new baby; condolatory cash donation for deaths of employee or a member of immediate family.
Birthday gift certificates on employees' birthday plus an afternoon birthday snack with same-month birthday celebrants and department members.
Paid maternity leave for female male employee. Male employee is also entitled to a paid paternity leave when his spouse gives birth to a new baby.
Flexible working hours.
The company provides monthly retirement subsidies to each employee which are remitted to employees' special account with the Bureau of Labor Insurance. This is over and above the company's own Employee Retirement Plan provided to each employee to look after them when they retire.
Ticketing services are offered to employees which include Warner Multiple Theatre movie tickets, indoor swimming facilities tickets. Gift certificates from major department stores and supermarkets are also available from such services.
Weekly insurance consultation at company premises offered by professionals from dependable insurance firms.
In association with reliable real estate agencies, the company provides home relocation services to employees who are looking for house or room to rent.

ELAN provides a safe and pleasant working environment to its employees. Its effort in beautifying the company premises has earned Elan the Best Landscaping Awards from the Science Park Administration for the seventh consecutive year.
A library of professional, technical, and leisure magazines and periodicals are made available to the employees for take-home reading.
ATM machine, convenient store, cafe shop, and cafeteria are available in-house for additional convenience to employees.
Recreation room equipped with table tennis, pool, massage chairs, game console, work-out facilities, etc., is available for employees' relaxation.

Extracurricular activities are regularly held to involve every employee of the ELAN family. Activities include art exhibitions, charter movies, small concerts, seminars on daily livelihood, subsidized interest-group clubs, company-day sports & games meet, company open house/family day, "Wei-Ya" celebration, inter-departmental sports competitions, local and overseas excursion, etc.