"Employees' continued learning and development is the foundation of a company's growth and progress" is the essence of ELAN's policy toward its employees. The company has always provided support in improving employees competence through its comprehensive in-house training program and facilities. Employees may also apply to take outsource training or advanced short-term courses (with company's subsidy) that may help them perform better in their assigned jobs. When the work force capability advances, so is the company's growth. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.

   The following training curriculum were setup in consistent with company goals and employee performance development. They are targeted to
   suit the various aspects of employees' job functions, grade levels, and ranks:
New recruits orientation: Provide systematic guidance to help newcomers to get acquainted with the new working environment and quickly adapt to the new workplace culture.
R&D engineers courses: Promote R&D skill efficiency both in theory and actual practice.
Management courses: Various courses are offered to various levels of management personnel. The program is intended to enhance superiors' supervisory skill and improve their subordinates' performance at the same time.
Working skill courses: These courses which include training on foreign language, computer, etc, are designed to assist employees in improving their working efficiency.
Career objective and livelihood seminars: These seminar is intended to help employees better plan their career and everyday life
Workplace safety and hygiene training: Training such as fire drills, earthquake survival skills, accident prevention, etc. are provided regularly to prevent work-related injuries and ensure a safe working environment.

Annual allocation of substantial training budget
Fully subsidized outsource trainings/seminars
Generous subsidy for language-related courses
Employees taking master or doctorate degree from local universities can apply for sabbatical leave and company's full scholarship subsidy for tuitions and miscellaneous fees.

Internal training: As included in the annual training plan, the company arranges for competent professors and professionals to present seminars/lectures to company employees.
Outsource training: Employees can participate in any job related training course offered by vendors or training centers outside company premises. They can also attend local or overseas symposium with company subsidy.
In-house technology and knowledge transfer: Interdepartmental seminars conducted by senior staff are regularly held to share and transfer their domain expertise with other departments. This program helps employees understand the core technology and responsibilities of each department and how it will affect and improve their own responsibilities.
Intra-institutional cooperation: Under special arrangements with Taiwan SoC Consortium, Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK) of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), ELAN employees have free access to these institutions to share with their valuable resources.
ELAN KM intranet: There is a wealth of resources in the company's KM (knowledge management) intranet that includes detailed technical resources and documents. Employees can browse the resources anywhere, anytime.

For in-house training programs, the company provides a comfortable lecture theater complete with an advanced multimedia equipments that provides employees a relax atmosphere to enjoy training seminars.