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 ELAN and Precise Biometrics, the Leading Fingerprint Identification Algorithm Manufacturer, in licensing agreement for Precise BioMatch Mobile targeting Mobile Device Market Business Opportunities 
    Released Date: 2015/08/03

[Hsinchu] Over NT$50 billion dollar huge market opportunities, attracting high degree of cooperation between European and Asian Fingerprint Identification manufacturers. ELAN Microelectronics, a touch controller IC design house in Asia and Fingerprint Identification provider and well-known Fingerprint Identification Algorithm Manufacturer Precise Biometrics, officially announced a licensing agreement between the parties for Precise BioMatch Mobile, Precise Biometrics' software product for fingerprint identification on mobile devices. The integration of Precise BioMatch Mobile with ELAN sensors will allow ELAN to actively compete for and capture a significant share of the huge and high growth market for fingerprint identification estimated at over 2 billion units of smartphones, tablets, NBs and SmartCards annually.

It is reported that in 2H13, the US firm Apple launch of Smartphone iPhone 5S pioneered the Touch ID fingerprint identification function, opening the market to explore the precedence of intelligent networking devices using fingerprint identification function. Immediately following that, non-Apple camp also continually spread various mobile device products using fingerprint identification modules. At the same time, the development has expanded from high-end to mid-range smartphones also using fingerprint identification modules. Market penetration rate is constantly rising, and continue from smartphones, to tablets, NBs, SmartCards and other products.

ELAN's President Mr. I. H. Yeh, indicated that the company has invested in the field of touch IC over a long period of time as well as huge engineering human resources. In the global Touch NB IC market ranked as the world's first, in the touchpad module market share ranked second, simultaneously accumulated hundreds of patents covering the United States, Japan, China, and Taiwan. In touch products segment, ELAN has created billions of NT dollars in annual output value. ELAN's client base is very solid, covering the world's first tier of smartphone, tablet, NB brand manufacturers.

It is a great honor to be in collaboration with Precise Biometrics, the world's well-known player of fingerprint identification. This has complementary effects in technology, in the market and other fields, and can also enable real operation results. The mode of cooperation between the two sides is ELAN being good at designing ICs to offer fingerprint sensor and Precise Biometrics providing expertise in Fingerprint Algorithm and jointly combine into a fingerprint identification module. On the basis of ELAN's existing customer-base, ELAN is responsible for promoting the smartphone, tablet, NB as well as credit card and other markets. Combining and integrating technology of the two parties will contribute to the products quick launch to the market and seize business opportunities.

"The agreement with ELAN further strengthens our position as the leading supplier of software for fingerprint authentication for mobile devices. We welcome ELAN as a partner and appreciate the trust they put in us by selecting our products", says Hakan Persson, CEO of Precise Biometrics.

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