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 ELAN's Fingerprint ID, VR and other Market Trend Products, will Make an Elite Introduction at COMPUTEX. 
    Released Date: 2016/05/30

[Hsinchu] Keeping abreast of market trend products to meet business growth opportunities, ELAN grasped four major products in the market trend; i.e., Fingerprint ID chip which covers the Android operating system and Microsoft Windows Hello that emphasizes fingerprint recognition function, ELAN touch IC that supports Microsoft capacitive active pen, Internet of Thing (IoT) solutions, and the 360° spherical panorama camera, etc. Full range of the products will be on display at the COMPUTEX TAIPEI.

Mobile payment has become an important industry trend this year. Many mobile payments; such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay have already started to enter the market and drive demands. Hence, the Fingerprint ID chip solutions which can upgrade the mobile payment security look bullish. ELAN’s sophisticated sensing circuit design with its special algorithms for small area sensor has absolute performance and patent advantages. Fingerprint ID chip and module mass production and shipments have started in 1Q16. Moreover, promotions are gradually extended to mobile brand customers in Northeast Asia, China, Taiwan and India etc.

Following the extensive applications of Fingerprint ID on smartphones, ELAN has cooperated with Precise Biometrics, a Swedish manufacturer specializing in fingerprint recognition algorithm, and successfully resulted in substantial orders from major NB manufacturers. That allowed ELAN to catch-up with the trend of NB equipped with Fingerprint ID. Mass production and shipments is expected in 2H16.

Another growing application trend of the Fingerprint ID chip is the Smart Card. Since the product emphasizes the features of low-power consumption, ultra-thin, and anti-static, the threshold to enter is high. ELAN is actively venturing into the trend. It will exert efforts in emphasizing the advantages of integrating hardware and software and provide comprehensive production testing support and services. ELAN expected to send samples to the customer in 3Q16.

ELAN indicated that the capacitive active pen is already used by Microsoft Surface series and Apple ipad pro successively. Advantages of the capacitive active pen include enhanced features in accuracy, hover, pressure sensitivity and pen function buttons. Using the capacitive active pen is just like writing on paper with real pen. Applications of the capacitive active pen allow easy taking of notes by students in the class, taking meeting minutes by business people, sketching by professional graphic creators, etc. The growing popularity of capacitive active pen has indeed inspired us to pick up the pen and further exploit the full scope of its creativity and productivity.

With the upcoming release of Microsoft's next generation OS in 3Q16, this upgrade of the operating system will certainly further expand the active pen applications and its market. It is predicted that in 2H16, major manufacturers will introduce the models which can support capacitive active pen. Whether the models can support the capacitive active pen or not is dependent on the touch controller capability. Under close cooperation with Microsoft, ELAN’s active pen solution was the world’s 1st certified by Microsoft Win10 last year. As of this date, ELAN remains significantly ahead of its competitors. It is expected to see the new models of major brand devices using Microsoft capacitive active pen supported by ELAN touch controller early in 2H16.

ELAN’s IoT solution is integrated with various sensing devices and sensing technology to transmit the human biological signals or environmental messages to the Internet to assimilate with cloud storage and its massive processing power. It then effectively transforms data into personal, home, community, city, etc., for overall environmental multi-service applications in order to create a safe and comfortable smart life.

With ZigBee/Thread, ELAN’s IoT Solution is fully compatible with IEEE 802.15.4/g standard communication specifications and can interface with various compatible products. The communication architecture of its mesh network characteristic can increase the network capacity of the devices. Hence, the devices link with each other like a spider web. This allows the devices to be more closely interconnected while further strengthening its networking capabilities. The built-in AES128 dynamic encryption and GoldKey technologies reinforce the confidentiality of wireless communication and prevent the invasion of people with bad intentions. It has a very low power consumption IC technology that achieves ideal power-saving function and generally allows a battery life of up to one year.

On refocusing business opportunities with Virtual Reality (VR), Facebook and YouTube have allowed upload of 360°videos which to can be conveniently viewed through VR device. VR has already entered into a new consumer era. ELAN, together with Avisonic Technology; an ELAN reinvestment company which specializes in Image IC, have jointly teamed up with an American firm, Memora Company, to launch the world's most compact and lightest 360° spherical panoramic camera LUNA. Its spherical diameter is 6.5 cm. and weighs 180 grams, about the size of a billiard ball.

LUNA has exclusive worldwide Live VR preview function. With head-mounted VR, user can view and monitor his mobile phone, tablet and NB across time and space for live broadcast and instant viewing. LUNA’s transmission through Internet is at almost zero delay. It views 360° real time images of a scene without any delay as if you are viewing from the actual spot.

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