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 ELAN Being the First Time with AI Technology in 2018 CES to Showcase Smartphones with 3D Face Recognition and Wacom Active Pen 
    Released Date: 2018/01/10

[Hsinchu] Internet trend once swept the world and has since then become a part of our everyday life. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is popular, with business presenting new innovative product styles combining hardware and software, making this year's CES in Las Vegas well worth seeing. In response to the overall industry trend, ELAN is the eleventh to join the CES event this year. Through AI deep learning technology, ELAN showcased its brand-new 3D Facial Recognition Solution which can detect facial features for high-precision matching and unlock device fast.

At the same time, ELAN exhibited Touchscreen Controller enabling Wacom AES mobile pen solution for Smartphone application. The cooperation model between us is to ship ELAN’s chips along with Wacom’s AES mobile pen to the China brand smartphone makers.

During the show period, ELAN also showcased several NBs supporting Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) 2.0 program. ELAN is the world’s first player to provide touchscreen controller with pen function supporting Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) 2.0 program, in which tilt detection is our strength.

1.5 billion units of smartphone in annual market demand are estimated. This time, ELAN introduced total solutions for smartphones including 3D Facial Recognition solution, Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor solution, TDDI solution which integrating Touch Controller with LCD Driver IC, and Touch Controller with Stylus Function Single-Chip Solution, etc. ELAN expects to take the new cost-effective as a demand, and provide a wide range of different kind of high performance solutions to occupy market opportunities.

It is worth to mention that ELAN showcased the 3D Facial Recognition integrating hardware & software solution. Through the IR Camera active light combined with deep information, it provides a high cost-effective anti-counterfeiting solution to prevent others from copying photos way to steal user information.

Via AI deep learning technology, the system can detect facial features for high-precision matching and unlock device fast. Furthermore, smart light exposure function makes identification possible in all kinds of lighting conditions, even under bright sunlight or dark night with 0 lux. Smart self-learning technology also enables accurate identification of faces even when a user is wearing makeups, glasses or under other complex circumstances.

Here is to highlight that ELAN is the world's first player to fully support Microsoft’s capacitive stylus. Both parties have been cooperating for many years and devoted to provide users with a better touch pen experience. In the end of December 2017, Microsoft announced specifications for MPP 2.0 including technology that would enable a capacitive stylus to function as smooth and natural as writing with a pencil, acceleration of the response rate, and 4096 pressure points which would allow users to draw, paint and sketch effortlessly. In addition to meeting requirements set by Microsoft, ELAN added a new tilt function allowing users to create shadow effects, once again proving ELAN’s ability to innovate and overcome technical challenges.

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