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 ELAN Announcing to Enter into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Field to Plan the Long-Term Development Prospect 
    Released Date: 2018/01/25

[Hsinchu] ELAN, a global leading touch controller IC design house, officially announced to enter into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Field. ELAN implements this plan from the AI application including biometrics to the automotive electronics category, eventually extending the development of the AI platform to draw a clear blueprint for the long-term operation.

ELAN pointed out that in the next three years, the overall plan of the investment in AI development, we will invest more than 100 human resources, and the investment funds in AI field will account for 15% to 30% of total R&D expense. This is an important ongoing task, therefore, we can predict that this part will increase revenue year by year.

ELAN's President, Mr. I. H. Yeh, indicated that Taiwan AI Academy being a base for training qualified people in AI field will start on January 27. ELAN was very happy to see a professional AI training institute in Taiwan, and very pleased to be one of the sponsors.

At the same time, there are also several tens of ELAN’s staff who are actively and continuously engaged in learning the AI related courses. Via industry-academy cooperation plan, ELAN expects not only to enrich its existing AI skilled people, but also to attract specialized AI people to join ELAN to strengthen the AI elite team and to establish solid research and development AI platform for accumulating ELAN’s development strength in the future.

According to IDC research institute forecast, the global investment in cognitive computing and AI systems will reach US$57.6 billion in 2021. As to Gartner prediction, AI-related industrial output value will reach US$300 billion in 2020, including all kinds of products and services. This figure and the current global semiconductor industry output value being not far off to show its potential for future development.

Mr. I. H. Yeh expressed that entering into AI field, ELAN introduced the 3D Facial Recognition integrating hardware & software solution with AI technology for the first time. It is expected to begin mass production in 2H18. Through the IR Camera active light combined with deep information, it provides a high cost-effective anti-counterfeiting solution to prevent others from copying photos way to steal user information.

By way of AI deep learning technology, the system can detect facial features for high-precision matching and unlock device fast. Furthermore, smart light exposure function makes identification possible in all kinds of lighting conditions, even under bright sunlight or dark night with 0 lux. Smart self-learning technology also enables accurate identification of faces even when a user is wearing makeups, glasses or under other complex circumstances. ELAN provides optimized 3D Face Recognition solution to target at 1.5 billion units of smartphone in annual market demand.

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