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 ELAN Displaying 3D Face-ID and Smart Transportation with AI Technology in COMPUTEX 
    Released Date: 2018/05/30

[Hsinchu] In response to the development of global industry trends, ELAN has innovatively integrated software and hardware technologies to create new applications of 3D Face-ID & AI Enabled Smart Transportation solutions through artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning technology.

In the 3D Face-ID solution, the system can detect facial features for high-precision matching and fast unlocking device. Meanwhile, in the AI Enabled Smart Transportation solution, it integrating the images and AI technology to instantly determine the traffic number of various types of vehicles, and to control the traffic signals in real time according to the traffic conditions can significantly solve the most troubling traffic congestion problems in urban governance.

ELAN expressed that the software and hardware integration solution of the 3D Face-ID presented this time provides a cost-effective anti-counterfeiting solution through integrating IR Camera active light with depth information, which can prevent others from retaking photos and stealing user information. Through AI deep learning technology, the system can detect facial features for high-precision matching and fast unlocking device.

Furthermore, smart light exposure function makes identification possible in all kinds of lighting conditions, even under bright sunlight or dark night with 0 lux. Smart self-learning technology also enables accurate identification of faces even when a user is wearing makeups, glasses or under other complex circumstances.

In order to match the low-end smartphone market trend, ELAN also launches a 2D Face-ID solution which uses smartphone front lens with AI deep learning technology. This solution incorporates an anti-counterfeiting algorithm to find out the difference between real people and photos from pixels and light shadow, which improves the security and defense of 2D Face-ID solution.

Mr. I. H. Yeh, chairman of ELAN, said that because of the population increasing in cities, it also corresponds to increasing the number of each type of vehicles. However, public transportation and roads for urban construction are far behind the increase in the number of vehicles; therefore, a lot of urban governances are eager to solve the traffic congestion problems.

“AI Enabled Smart Transportation” solution displayed by ELAN this time will make immediate judgments through image analysis of traffic data, and all these data will be imported into the cloud platform for big data analysis. In addition to traffic flow, traffic density, the speed of each vehicle, motion path, and even spacing of each vehicle are all at a glance.

This system can be roughly divided into two main points. First, it can automate the real-time recognition of traffic intersection. The other is the 360° fisheye camera monitoring images with AI analysis to collect images into big data. The advantage of the fisheye camera is that it can be 360° around, so the range of visibility is at a glance.

In particular, in countries such as Taiwan and Southeast Asia where motorcycles account for extremely high proportions of public transportation, this smart system can distinguish the motorcycles’ traffic flow images. It can be said that it is adapted to local conditions, and can also be tailor-made. It will be the best product for the New Southbound Policy in future.

AI can optimize traffic light control based on different data such as traffic time and traffic flow. When the flow of traffic from the east to the west is small and the flow of traffic from north to south is large, the AI can automatically shorten the green light time from east to west and extend the green time of the north-south road to ease traffic jams.

June 5 - June 9, 2018
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