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 ELAN Will Exhibit Differentiated Chip Integration Solutions at CES, Which Mainly Focuses on Smartphone and NB Market and Intelligent Transportation Using AI Technology 
    Released Date: 2019/01/02

Innovative product features can enhance added value, while product differentiation and market segmentation are the innovations that ELAN has made in response to the changes in overall industry trends. This year, ELAN will participate in the CES event for the 12th times and will exhibit a full range of chip integration solutions that are compatible with NB and smartphone, and highlight the competitive advantages of touch chip with pen function solutions. In addition, the application of fingerprint identification sensor in NB and smart transportation using AI technology are also exhibited.

ELAN said that information security, especially NB encryption, is an application trend. It is closely related whether it is a business man or a general consumer. At the same time, the safety of Internet is a key issue that has been highly valued at present. The application of capacitive fingerprint identification sensor has added new encryption functions to NB, which has become a new trend in the NB market. ELAN has been developing two sets of new chip integration solutions for a long time.

First of all, it is a chip applied to mainstream models. It is characterized by encrypting images to ensure information security when transmitting fingerprint images to the host side during fingerprint comparison. At the same time, it provides payment function (MOH with Intel SGX/IOC Online Payment). Secondly, it is applied to high-end models (MOC with Secure Bio), which features that all security functions such as comparison and encryption are performed inside the fingerprint sensor. This is the encryption function specification required by Microsoft and conforms to the FIDO 2.0 specification. At present, the fingerprint identification sensors with these encryption functions have been adopted by the world’s first-tier NB manufacturers and are expected to be mass-produced and supplied in1Q19.

ELAN pointed out that the touch controller with pen function has been sold in the market for up to five years. ELAN is also the first IC design house in the world to continuously support for the specification of Microsoft MPP 1.0 (Microsoft Pen Protocol) /1.5 /1.51/2.0 for NB with capacitive tilting pen function. The capacitive pen with speeding up the report rate and providing 4096 pressure levels features allows users to easily draw, paint or sketch. In addition, adding the tilt function of the pen allows users to draw shadows, which is the entry barrier of technology.

ELAN focuses on the steady development of the notebook PC market which is also an important source of ELAN’s revenue and profit. This time, a full range of notebook PC solutions will be presented at the exhibition, including the world's number one, with a market share of more than 60% of the touchscreen controller and a single-chip solution combined with the capacitive pen function. Also, the new products that cooperate with many first-tier notebook PC manufacturers will be exhibited at the show. Meanwhile, the Touch Pad module, which leads the global sales volume will also be presented with capacitive active pen function. What's more, the Lighting Touch Pad, which integrates LED and optical light guide plate mechanism;the HapticPad, which uses the vibration motor to feed back without pressing noise, and the combination and application of the Point Stick which covers more than half of the global market share, etc.

The next market that is expected to drive ELAN to reap the benefits is the smartphone market. At present, there is now a trend in the smartphone market for LCD panels using a single chip (TDDI) that integrates touchscreen controller with LCD driver functions. In 2019, the market quantity is expected to reach 400 million to 500 million, and continue to be optimistic about its growth trend. In order to seize this market opportunity with great potential, ELAN is fully committed to the development of differentiated and new highlights, successfully developing the world's first single-chip, TDDI with Active Pen function. This single-chip, which is leading market peers, is expected to drive ELAN to stand out in smartphones market and boost the overall operating growth.

CES info:
Welcome to visit ELAN at International CES 2019
Date: 2019.01.08 ~ 2019.01.11(US local time)
ELAN Booth No.:No. 36155, South Hall 4, LVCC

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