4-Bit MCU

IC Part No. Memory Type Supply Voltage
I/P O/P I/O LCD Speech
Package-Lead Count
MASK 2.2~6.0 8K x 8 500 8 - 20* 32 x 4 - WDT, SG, HSC -
OTP 2.2~5.0 16K x 8 2548 4 9 32 52 x 5 - WDT, A/D, SG, HSC, SPI QFP-128L
*: Some pins are shared with LCD segment pins. SG: Sound Generator OTP: One Time Programmable
IR-- Infrared Control  DTMF: Dual Tone Multiple Frequency. CDA: Current DA
WDT: Watch Dog Timer  AS: Analog Switch HSC: High Speed Counter
SI: Serial Interface AMP: OPOP Amplifier LCDR: LCD Voltage Regulator
VR: Voltage Regulator DTS: Date Time Stamp
RFO: Resistance to Frequency OSC LVD: Low Voltage Detector
PWM: Pulse Width Modulation HSC: High Speed Counter
  LVR: Low Voltage Reset